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When Megan receives a surprise social invitation from a higher-up at her company, she's worried her nerves — and her apathetic husband — will sink her. 


Official Selection: 2020 Phoenix Film Festival

Official Selection: 2020 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema

Official Selection: 2020 Dam Short Film Festival

Official Selection: 2020 Tally Shorts 

Official Selection: 2020 Arizona International Film Festival

Official Selection: 2020 San Antonio Film Festival



Young Alice is left in the care of a reclusive neighbor for the morning, as her parents lock horns over their crumbling marriage. She hatches a plan to brighten everyone's outlook, but the risks may outweigh the rewards. 


Official Selection: 2018 Phoenix Film Festival

Official Selection: 2018 Central New York Film Festival

Official Selection: 2018 Peoria Film Fest

Official Selection: 2018 Moscow Shorts

Official Selection: 2019 Arizona International Film Festival

Official Selection: 2019 New Haven International Film Festival

Official Selection: 2020 Arivaca Film Exhibition 


Unfinished Work follows the Chavez family—Tiger, Yadira and Eric—through three years of peaks and valleys as they put the pieces back together after losing their 2-year-old son and brother, Romeo.


Beginning nearly a decade after the brutal accident that took the young boy’s life, this feature documentary explores the grieving process, the redefining of family roles in the wake of death, and the pull between Mexican and American, Catholic and secular grieving. Coming soon.

Unfinished Work: Trailer


Tensions rise on a young couple's sightseeing tour as they discuss the cat sitter they've hired for the weekend. Yoshiko and Fukuo Ogawa star in this patient, offbeat Japanese-language short drama elegantly set in the American Southwest.


Offical Selection: 2015 New Orleans Film Festival

Offical Selection: 2015 deadCENTER Film Festival

Official Selection: 2015 Arizona International Film Festival

Official Selection: 2015 Phoenix Film Festival


Stranded at school on Halloween, two young boys set out on a daunting walk home. When they take a cue from their surroundings and become would-be trick-or-treaters, their journey gets derailed and they find themselves lost and alone in the city.


WINNER, Indpendent Spirit Award, 2015 Sedona International Film Festival

WINNER, Best Arizona Short: 2014 Phoenix Film Festival

Offical Selection: 2014 Wimbledon International Short Film Festival

Official Selection: 2014 Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden

Official Selection: 2014 Nevada City Film Festival

Official Selection: 2014 Tucson Film and Music Festival


Teenagers, parents and teachers reflect on technology and socialization in this short documentary from directors Josh Kasselman and Stephanie Lucas. Alternately hilarious and frightening, the film spends a day at an urban high school, tagging along with students as they demonstrate the role of texting and social networking in their daily lives. Their teachers and parents, meanwhile, offer a variety of insights as to what 'constant connectivity' does to the teenage brain.     


Official Selection: 2014 American Documentary Film Festival

Official Selection: 2014 Phoenix Film Festival

Official Selection: 2014 CineGlobe Film Festival, Geneva

Official Selection: 2014 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

Official Selection: 2013 Hollyshorts Film Festival
Official Selection: 2013 Oaxaca FilmFest

Official Selection: 2013 Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

Official Selection: 2013 Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival


Young Grace tries desperately to find a way out of her hometown and toxic family life in this quiet, tense short.


Worldwide distribution via Drama Club Films




A young woman finds a dead dog in the road and attempts to report the tragedy to its owner. After reluctantly accepting an invitation to enter the man's home, she quickly finds that the conversation is more difficult than she had imagined. Gabrielle Van Buren and Logan Blackwell star in this short, dark parable.


Official Selection: 2012 Dam Short Film Festival​

Official Selection: 2013 Oaxaca International Film Festival




When Juliette, a talented but troubled modern dancer, kidnaps her estranged 6-year-old daughter and whisks her away to an upscale resort for the weekend, she quickly discovers that re-forming a bond with the child -- and coping with her own guilt -- will be more difficult than anticipated.


​​Official Selection: 2011 Sedona International Film Festival​

Official Selection: 2011 Dances With Films​

Official Selection: 2011 Phoenix Film Festival​

Official Selection: 2011 Tucson Film & Music Festival








Based in Phoenix, AZ, Limitrophe Films is the brainchild of NYU-grad filmmakers Josh Kasselman and Stephanie Lucas, along with motion-graphics specialist Dennis Valk. In addition to its award-winning narrative and documentary films, Limitrophe brings vision and authenticity to select commercial content.


Recent festival highlights include Cineglobe Geneva, the American Documentary Film Festival, Uppsala International (Sweden), Wimbledon International Short Film Festival, Sedona International, Hollyshorts, Oaxaca Filmfest, and the Phoenix Film Festival—where Limitrophe won Best Arizona Short two years in a row. In 2014, the Phoenix Film Foundation and IFP honored Kasselman and Stephanie Lucas as co-recipients of the Arizona Filmmaker of the Year award.


Our clients include Capitol Records, Showtime, The New York Times Retro Report, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, The Phoenix Film Festival, International Rescue Committee, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Teach for America, Expect More Arizona, Sprouts, OneAZ Credit Union, Childsplay, Massage Envy and Leica Geosystems, among others.



Josh cut his teeth at NYU in the '90s. After directing theatre at venues such as David Mamet's Atlantic in New York and the Hudson in Los Angeles he turned his attention to filmmaking, completing 32,744 short films*. He stays on his toes, alternating between narrative, documentary and commercial work, directing, and shooting, with a documentary feature currently in production and multiple narrative projects in development.


In addition to his work with Limitrophe, Josh is a Gold ADDY Award-winning commercial director at Randy Murray Productions and Narwhal Stories. 

* Basically 


Stephanie Lucas earned her BA in English Literature from University of Arizona before going on to receive her MA in Interdisciplinary Studies from New York University in Documentary Film, Art, and Social Change. In addition to narrative shorts, she has created numerous experimental shorts, as well as producing documentary shorts for the Gates Foundation, Amnesty International, and Witness, a New York-based human rights organization founded by Peter Gabriel.


The recipient of a 2015 National Artist Teacher Fellowship and a 2019 Arizona Commission on the Arts Artist Grant, Stephanie heads up the film program at Glendale Community College. Films created by her students have screened at the ASU Museum of Art, the Phoenix Art Museum, and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the White House Student and AFI Documentary Film Festivals. They have also won Student Production Awards from the Rocky Mountain Division of the Emmys in the Writing, Directing and Documentary categories.




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